About NetSpy

NetSpy is powerful and effective enterprise-quality software for managing public workstations at Internet Cafés and Libraries. This is not just our opinion it is what our customers - people who evaluated many other products before purchasing our solution say. NetSpy handles many tasks from convenient billing and remote management to extensive reporting, statistical analysis and remote software installation. Couple it with our one-of-a-kind system-integrated, truly secure and customizable logon system and you get the combination that's hard to beat.


At the core of the system there is a high performance, self-maintaining Server that authenticates users and serves various requests from NetSpy Monitor and NetSpy Client Agents. It seamlessly maps groups of NetSpy Users (anonymous, registered, pre-paid, custom, etc) onto the existing Windows Domain, Active Directory or Local Computer User accounts. This is an extremely powerful feature unique to our product. Benefits of this approach are many. Because of its uniqueness the concept of mapping Café User Accounts onto the Windows User Accounts may take a little bit of time to fully understand, but once you understand, it will feel so natural and provide so much flexibility that we are confident you are going to like it a lot.


NetSpy Monitor

NetSpy Monitor is a billing, management and accounting tool all in one. Cashiers use it to run day-to-day operations, IT administrators use it to set up software configurations, and business managers can use it to get financial reports and statistical analysis. Monitor is designed with busy and not too computer-savvy cashier in mind. Entire functionality is broken into several logical pieces presented as separate pages (or screens). Each page can be hidden or enabled depending on how much control you want your cashiers to have.


NetSpy Client Agent

NetSpy Client Agent is not a screen blocker as Client Agents are in all other similar products. NetSpy Agent is integrated into Windows System Logon, which gives you incredible control while ensuring toughest security possible for Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 and XP platforms. It is not possible to disable or somehow circumvent the Agent, which is activated long before anyone is even logged in to the Windows Desktop. NetSpy Agent replaces standard “Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to Login” window with the User Logon Interface you design for your establishment using NetSpy Monitor. You can set custom logos, pictures, icons and texts, even specify behavior and decide sequence of logon screens and options to be used. This is another extremely powerful feature unique to NetSpy.


Is NetSpy right for you ?

NetSpy is a software product, and as any software product it is designed to solve a specific set of tasks and operates best when used in the environment for which it was designed. Please read this section, as it may help you decide if NetSpy is going meet your needs.

You should not use NetSpy if any of the following are true.

  • Your public computer terminals are running Windows 95,98 or Me. Reason: NetSpy does not support Windows 95/98/Me line. We are convinced that those platforms are not suitable to be used in Internet Café or Public Library environments. To put is simply, avoid it at any cost. Windows 95/98/Me family platforms are unreliable, brittle, insecure and unsupported. The only possible excuse for having Windows 98 would be if your establishment has to have some software, a game for example, not available for any other operating system. It is usually a rare case though.
  • You need to charge for applications or websites users visit on individual basis. Reason: NetSpy used to have that capability, but since it was a rarely used feature and we generally do not encourage our users to create sophisticated payment schema, application tracking was removed from the current version.

On the other hand.

NetSpy is very effective if you have a Windows Domain Controller or Active Directory and workstations you are going to monitor are part of a domain.

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